Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marley & Me

This evening was family movie night. A few weeks ago we picked up some movies at Blockbuster and haven't had a chance to watch them. This evening was the night to watch "Marley & Me". First off I need to do more research on a movie prior to watching it with my children. Great story line. Kids laughed at Marley and all the silly things he'd do. Then the end comes when Marley is getting older and not as spunky as he once was. Airen was curled up with daddy and Mara was on my lap. The end is where the kids are saying their good byes and mom is crying. Dad takes Marley to the vet and the news isn't good. Poor Marley is going home to the heavens to run and play with no pain or troubles again. I look at Airen and his face is about to crumble. He hugs Doug and says "that was sad, I think I'm going to cry". By this time Doug and I are in tears along with Airen. Mara is running around to us telling us ''you no cry, it's okay''.

How ironic it is that we watch this movie though. Our dear family dog Sadie is getting up there in age and seeming to have more and more troubles as the days go on. My parents are doing their best to keep her comfortable and like in "Marley & Me" are just waiting for that sign that Sadie has had enough and is ready to be at peace. I guess in some way watching "Marley & Me" was a good teaching opportunity for Doug and I as parents to prepare Airen for the day he goes to Naw & Pop-pop's and Sadie isn't there. As parents you don't want to discuss death with your children but for us I think the movie was a good lead into what could be in our near future. Airen didn't want to go to sleep alone in his bed. Instead he crawled into my lap and I held him like a baby until he fell asleep. I have the most loving and compassionate little boy!!!

Just yet another reason I love Autism!! Just when I don't think Airen understands something he goes and does something like tonight and reminds me that he's just like any other child around just with a few more bumps in the road we travel.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Compliments of You can see the full article there. Airen took place in a dance class in July. Surprisingly he had a BLAST!!! Thursday was the last class and a reporter came to do a piece on our class. The kids didn't quite understand what the reporter was doing and really didn't care as they only wanted to get dancing. As a parent to see this article and see the video above I am beyond proud of my son and all his hard work. Its amazing to see these kids come together and have fun and learn to dance!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy summer

I am so slacking on this blog over summer break. I have so much to update and get on here for friends and family to read. Our summer has been busy and we return to school in TWO weeks. Hopefully amongst the other must do's this week I will get some new happenings and pictures on here. Till then hugs and kisses!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tooth Fairy visit

Airen was so excited that the tooth fairy left him a present, even though he didn't have the tooth to leave. He raced to bed that night and was fast asleep in minutes!! Here are pictures!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First loose tooth---GONE

Airen got home from school today and went about playing the WII like usual. Did his business with Legos and such. Comes and sits on the couch with me. I asked him how is loose tooth was doing. This morning when we looked it was really close to falling out. Well sure enough the tooth fell out and is gone. Most likely he swallowed it. He started crying and I got a bit upset also. Airen was upset that the tooth fairy wouldn't come since he didn't have the tooth to leave in the tooth fairy angel baby he has. Mommy was upset because its the first tooth. I know a bit petty to be upset about unless you are a mommy. So once we calmed down we typed up a letter to leave the tooth fairy. Airen came up with what to write and it says that the tooth fell out but we aren't sure where it went and that he hopes she will still visit him tonight. I can't wait for Airen to get up in the morning!! The tooth fairy has told me she plans to be a wonderful tooth fairy and make one little boy very happy in the morning!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring school pictures

Spring 2009 school pictures!!!

Mara's first haircut

This afternoon I took Mara for her first haircut. Of course we had many others come also, Naw & auntie & cousin. Quite the turnout for such a big milestone. I've been hesitant to cut Mara's hair because she has these gorgeous curls in the back. The girl cutting her hair said the curls seemed pretty strong and most likely won't be going away anytime soon--YEAH!!! Mara did surprisingly well. Much better then any of us thought. The first picture shows the only time Mara got upset--the hairdryer to get the loose hairs off!!!